Roof Safety Improvements

Be Assured Your Roof Is Safe

We’ll help bring your building up to code and keep work crews protected.

Roof Safety Features We’ve got you covered.

After building and servicing countless roofs, we know that creating an accident-free roof environment doesn’t happen by accident. It takes proactive planning. We design safety plans for new and existing roofs—and install features that not only ensure safety, but make repair jobs easier.

Roof Hatches

“Doors” for roofs that make access to flat roofs convenient and safe.

Skylight Cages

Sturdy screens that block skylights for safety while allowing light to pass through.


Durable guardrails that safeguard the roof’s perimeter for anyone working up there.

Access Ladders

Fixed, robust ladders that offer permanent and safe entry to your roof.

Permanent Anchors

Reusable anchors that keep crews tethered securely during construction and repairs.

Doing the job safely is a big part of doing it right.

Roof Safety for Any Industry

Roof safety honors roofers (of course) and any other trade that uses the roof to service a building, such as HVAC. We work with a wide range of facilities—restaurants, retirement communities, industrial buildings, and others—to raise safety standards and reduce liability.

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