Project Partners from the Get-Go

We’ll work with you to assess how your vision can best be built.

Planning Services

When we’re brought in early on, we’re able to offer a builder’s perspective when it really counts: before building actually begins. We help owners make the most of their budgets and flesh out their plans in these main ways.

Feasibility and Constructability Analysis

Can it actually be built—and for our budget?

Too often, we encounter clients who spend a lot on designs they can’t afford to build—or that don’t fit their needs. This assessment helps prevent that. We’ll consider your wants, your needs, and your budget, and determine what’s actually achievable.

What We Evaluate

  • Characteristics and logistics of project site
  • Functionality and flow of building
  • Desired construction type and level of finishes


  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Helps prevent surprises and upcharges

Why Weaver Never Daunted by the Details

It can feel like there’s a lot swirling during the planning phase. Our experience brings reassurance. We’ll work with you to set your priorities—whether it’s achieving a certain aesthetic, price, or functionality—and make sure your plans align with that.

Time spent planning now is money saved later.